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Tuesday 20th June, 2017

Weipa Far Far north Queensland

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Hello Everyone,

The whole reason we came up here was to see the re-enactment for Cooks landing on Sunday 11th and it was great. We were able to get a great view from our Balcony of our room, even though we had to check out at 10am, they let us stay to watch the show. It was run by locals, acted out by locals, not professional at all which made it more fun. The 'native' that Capt. Cook had with him to help communicate with the Aboriginals was acted out by an Italian who was very enthusiastic about being part of the show. We saw him in the RSL club where we had lunch and he was posing for photos and enjoying himself. Funny hearing his very strong accent. After the show, the town was empty. We sent another 3 nights there, went to the Capt. Cook Museum where the anchor from the Endeavour is amongst other artefacts and other items for the towns history. There was a lot of it, from Gold Rush days to mining and fishing. Also visited the botanical gardens and Black Mountain. Stayed in the rain forest in Milkwood our cabin was up amongst the trees.

Left there on Wednesday heading for Hann River were we camped the night. Oh what a drag, getting everything set up for on nights sleep. We were organised but everything in the wrong place in Pepe for easy access. We were the first to arrive so picked a site with a camp fire got that going and by 5.30 the place was packed with people coming back from the tip. Remember my last post when I hoped it didn't rain? Well it did! not a lot but we camped under a tree that dripped all night and they had the generator going all night too so it was a very rough sleep.

We were packed by 10.30 and the last to leave the site. Road was rough in patches, stretches of tared patches so it wasn't so bad. We got to Coen by lunch time and found they had rooms so we got one for the night so we dried out the tent and got organised for 3 nights camping in Chili Beach. That was a drive! Left early and got to the turn off to Chili Beach, it was described a slow dumpy road with many river crossings. They weren't wrong! 125klms took us 2 and half hours. Dan love it, driving Pepe through the water while I checked for crocks.

Arrived at our site to which we had to pre book though the National Parks to find a couple from Tambourine (where my sister lives) was camped there already. They had booked but didn't realise the numbers but as they were 2 couples together and they were leaving the next day, we set up in there site and moved when they left. First visit to the beach was disappointing, not because of the sea or sand but for the tonnes of rubbish that gets washed up on the high tide mark. Plastic in every shape, bags, shoes, ropes, nets, bottles, even a fridge. On the notice board it told us that tonnes of rubbish is cleared away every year and it comes from other countries in the Pacific. Over 6,500 thongs! Who would bother counting them I have no idea. So the Thong tree became something to see but it has blown over and only a rope with thongs attached is now displayed.

Our Car fridge played up so everything we had frozen wasn't anymore so we had to cook all the meat we had and bought a $10 block of ice from an old fisherman that lived up the road. We went to Lockhart River to fuel up, its an Aboriginal community with an airport that was build during WWII by the Americans. They hated it due to the weather and storms during the wet season and it was voted the worst area to set up a airport. The airport is still used and has 4 seats in the waiting room and a loo with frogs. Fuel prices have varied from $135 to $160 per litre. We have heard that they charge $2.00 a litre at the roadhouses north from here, wait and see.

Tomorrow morning we are doing a mine tour of Weipa. Dan's father was here in the early 1960's building the huts for the miners so we are going to check the library tomorrow too as they may have some photos and information about those times.

Thursday we leave here and will be camping for 2 nights at Moreton Telegraph Station by the Wenlock river. I have learnt not to envision what it will be like or believe everything you read in the booklets as it usually is not what I think it will be. Descriptions of 'Grassy areas by the river' ends up being dried dead grass or dirt patches by a fence that blocks you off from the river anyway. From there we head to Eliot Falls, we have heard they are the high-light of the cape. There are two falls, Fruit Bat and Eliot. You can only camp at Eliot and you must pre book which we have so we hope that nobody is camped in our spot this time. From there it's 175klms to the cape where we have booked accommodation or 3 nights and then on Friday 30th, we load up on to the Trinity Bay Cargo Ship and head south for Cairns. So glad we were able to do that as doing the return trip wouldn't have been that enjoyable.

Hope everyone who is reading this enjoys it as much as I am writing it and that you are all happy and healthy wherever you are.

H & D.

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Love reading all your comments which are bringing back lots of memories. Keep enjoying yourselves and look forward to all the photographs. Take care. Anne

by alucchese

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